SF Women in Chocolate: CHOCOLATIERS AWARD Presented


The International Chocolate Salon announced that it would honor Women in Chocolate, and presented several selected honorees with THE CHOCOLATIERS AWARD on March 11th at the San Francisco International Chocolate Salon.


THE CHOCOLATIERS AWARD recipients are selected based on either having received numerous chocolate salon awards over the years, or having made a significant impact in the world of taste and chocolate, particularly in the San Francisco area. It also spotlights the growing number of women entrepreneurs, chocolatiers, confectioners, and pastry chefs that the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California has supported.

The following are the announced recipients of the 2018

San Francisco Women in Chocolate: CHOCOLATIERS AWARD

  1. Wendy Lieu, Socola Chocolatier
  2. Jeri Vasquez, Kindred Cooks Caramels
  3. Jessica Ferraro, Bar Cacao
  4. Elyce Zahn, CocoTutti Chocolates
  5. Mindy Fong, Jade Chocolates
  6. Karen Urbanek, Flying Noir
  7. Kathy Wiley, Poco Dolce
  8. Samantha McGinnis, Cowboy Toffee Co.
  9. Nancy Nadel, The Oakland Chocolate Company
  10. Bridget Labus, Sixth Course Artisan Confections
  11. Gianina Serrano, Sixth Course Artisan Confections
  12. Christine Doerr, NeoCocoa
  13. Joana Whittingham, Fera’wyn’s
  14. Alice Medrich, Author & Chocolate Entrepreneur

In addition, the following have been named for Honorable Mention

  1. Lisa Grantham, Tombo Toffee
  2. Jennifer Daly, Rainy Day Chocolate
  3. Shannon Hughes Grochowski, La Chatelaine Chocolat Co.
  4. Karen Bryant, Fine Chocolate Industry Association
  5. Cindy Straub, 3D Candies
  6. Karla McNeil-Rueda, Cru Chocolate
  7. Brittany Maki, Starchild Chocolate


The original and premier chocolate show on the West Coast takes place this Spring at the 12th Annual San Francisco International CHOCOLATE SALON, March 11, 2018 in Golden Gate Park in the Hall of Flowers. Chocolate aficionados, fanatics, buyers and journalists can experience the finest in artisan, gourmet & premium chocolate in one of the world’s great culinary metropolitan areas.

Featuring a delicious selection chosen and curated by the Organizers, the International CHOCOLATE SALON participants include master chocolatiers, confectioners, other culinary artisans such as Amano Artisan Chocolate,¬† Endorfin, Socola Chocolatier, Michael’s Chocolates, Kindred Cooks Caramels, Basel B Inc, CocoTutti Chocolates, Z. Cioccolato, Fookie, MomYvonnne’s Candy Co., Raphio Chocolate, William Dean Chocolates, La Chatelaine Chocolat Co., David Bacco Chocolatier, R & J Toffees, Cowboy Toffee Company, Rainy Day Chocolate, Fairytale Brownies, Snowflake Treats, The Good Chocolate, Flying Noir, Tombo Toffee, CACOCO, 3D Candies, SWEET55, The Cocoa Exchange, Dark Heart Chili Sauce, Farm Fresh To You, Be a Gourmet, Welk Resorts, Kids Cooking for Life, Tula in Bloom, PK Perfumes,¬†International Culinary Center, and more. www.SFChocolateSalon.com